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The Online Platform for Stock Market Education

DIYSE provides a platform for students to learn how the stock market works, and to master Personal Financial Literacy skills outlined in the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks.

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How It Works

How it Works


Choose a Simulation

Teachers can host stock portfolio building simulations where they decide what stocks students can choose from (maybe large cap household names only) and how long the simulation will run (daily, weekly, or monthly).

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Select Your Portfolio

Students will choose how much of their budget to allocate across their favorite stocks, using DIYSE’s help tools like prepopulated templates and stock groups like biggest gainers/losers and highest/lowest correlations with the students’ favorite picks.


Track Your Results In Real Time

Once the market opens, students can see what stocks were chosen by their classmates and everyone can watch the performance of their portfolio compared to their classmates and to the broad stock market indices.  Final leaderboards can be used to get students excited about improving their portfolios and their relative performance.

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DIYSE Teaches Students Investing Skills to Last a Lifetime

We put everyone on an equal footing by requiring diversification, prohibiting active portfolio rebalancing during a contest, and prohibiting leverage or options trading.

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