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What is the DIYSE 5000?

The DIYSE 5000 is a collection of currently listed stocks that appear on either the NASDAQ or NYSE exchanges. This is used as the primary stock universe for selecting stocks for DIYSE contests, with a goal of providing the largest number of currently active stocks for use in DIYSE stock contests.

The DIYSE 5000 only includes stocks, not ETFs. It also does not include preferred stock offerings, Units, Warrants, Subordinated Debentures, SPACS, and the like. These are removed via automated methods based on symbol and company names, when possible, but also may be removed manually when necessary. Stocks with less than $100,000 in average daily trading volume may not be used in portfolios and are removed from the DIYSE 5000.

Due to the changing new listings and delistings on the source exchanges, the number of actual stocks in the DIYSE 5000 may vary. Currently, the NYSE has more than 2,400 companies listed, and the NASDAQ has more than 3,000.

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