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The Online Platform for Competitive Investors

DIYSE provides a platform to let investors stake real money to test their stock-picking skills against other investors in daily and weekly contests.

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How It Works

How it Works


Choose a Contest

Choose from our daily or weekly contests. You can play against your friends in private contests where you choose the stakes, or test your investing skills in public contests.

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Select Your Portfolio

Allocate your notional budget across your favorite stocks. Create multiple entries to test different investing theories and market insights.


Track the Leaderboard

Benchmark your performance and profit from your investing skills. Watch the leaderboard throughout the contest and see how you perform against other investors and market indices.

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The DIYSE Contest Platform is the Purest Test of Relative Investing Skill

We put everyone on an equal footing by requiring diversification, prohibiting active portfolio rebalancing during a contest, and prohibiting leverage or options trading.

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